About Us

Trident Global

We are an Information Technology company dedicated to the Financial Domain expertise to help enterprises achieve profitable growth.
We provide unique solutions to build, integrate & customize financial software systems.
We help enterprises gain an edge over the other Computing & Analysis firms through strategic consulting and by providing accurate solutions for complex issues.

Our development team comprises of individuals with years of knowledge in software engineering and extensive experience in the financial trading industry. Our team is experienced in a variety of technological platforms, processes, tools and paradigms. Our span of operations is globally spread.

Our approach towards problem solving involves People, Process, Technology and Knowledge Management. We have domain expertise in all US Capital Markets. It offers services in both the Technology and business aspects of Investing and Finance with focus across the areas of Data, Trading and Risk. We allow for complete personalization and customization of the design and functionality which will help you work together with clients to offer the kind of future-focused strategies and timely solutions they deserve.